Come and train with us!

UAHuntsville Bujinkan Dojo is proud to offer ancient Japanese Bujinkan Martial Arts training and self defense! We have been serving the Huntsville area for over 15 years and counting. Come train with us and see what we are all about!

Here you will learn, not only unarmed martial arts and ancient weapons, but also modern weapons and practical, usable, self defense. Although we train traditional martial arts principles and techniques, we focus on how these can be applied to real world situations. This is a true battlefield art that has survived the test of time. Many military and law enforcement agencies utilize these same principles and techniques today!

Why should you train here?

  • We are all here to train and learn! We are NOT a commercial martial arts school attempting to get you to sign a contract. There are NO CONTRACTS! You will be able to improve your physical ability, as well as your strength of spirit, at your own pace. You will train to better understand how to use your body, and whatever is at your disposal, to SURVIVE.
  • This art is suitable for EVERYONE! Old, young, big, small, college students, professionals, military, everyone! This is the art of using your body in an effective manner — ANYONE can do it!
  • You will learn real, useful tactics! You will train with a REAL person to understand actual human movement, not just do line drills all class. This is something you can actually use!

 Ready to get started?!

Click on the About Us link to learn more! If you are ready to sign up for your FREE TRIAL class, or if you would just like more information, please fill out the form below and we will respond within 24 hours. Be sure to ask about discounts for students. See you at training!

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