Christopher Acklen, 7th Dan, Shidoshi

Chris Acklen started practicing martial arts at 13–after learning that some folks will walk up to you and take your bike if you allow them–and has been studying more consistently than not since then, following a wandering path in a variety of styles before finding Budo.  Since 2008, Chris has become more focused on the study of Budo through Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, officially joining the UA-Hunsville Bujinkan Dojo under the guidance and instruction of Dr. Leland Cseke, Shihan, 11th Dan.  In June 2015, Chris traveled to Japan and passed the Godan test under Noguchi Dai Shihan.


Cody McCormack, 8th Dan, Shidoshi

Cody began training in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu in 2009. Always intrigued by the martial arts, he dabbled in the arts of Kung Fu, Taijichuan, and Tang Soo Do; however, nothing really held his interest until he found Budo Taijutsu and the UAHuntsville Bujinkan Dojo (Huntsville Martial Arts). In June of 2015, he traveled to Japan with several of his fellow buyu, and passed the Godan test under Noguchi Dai Shihan. Cody continues to train as much as possible, attending regular trainings as well as weekend seminars across the country. Cody travels regularly to Japan to train with the Japanese Shihan, and Hatsumi Soke.


Joshua Geckles, 5th Dan, Shidoshijoshu_hats_house

Joshua has been training in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu since 2008, after having sought after a way to study ninjutsu locally.  His interest in martial arts began when he was a young child and he was able to study some during his early years, however it wasn’t until joining the Bujinkan that he truly began pursuing martial arts in earnest.  He has since studied beneath Leland Cseke Sensei and made multiple trips across the country to various training locations in order to study with other instructors.  In 2016, Joshua travelled to Japan and passed the Godan test.  It is his goal to continue his journey within the Bujinkan and learn the many valuable lessons that the art has to teach.

Leland Cseke, Ph.D, 11th Dan, Shihan


Leland Sensei founded the UAHuntsville Bujinkan Dojo in 2002, and has over 20 years of experience in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. He has been an integral part of organizations at The University of Michigan, The University of Arizona, and Michigan Technological University.

“Many people ask me why I choose to continue to pursue the Bujinkan martial arts. They ask me how many fights I get into, how many ways I can hurt people or how often I really use it, but these questions represent a level of immaturity. Yes, we do focus on the most efficient way to dispatch an opponent, often by manipulating their mental perceptions. However, this art is also about striving for excellence; how to deal with stressful situations; how to be more focused; and how to survive when you need it most. In this respect, I use it every day, and this is why I continue.” ~ Leland Cseke, Ph.D.

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