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Hombu Dojo, Japan

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Huntsville Bujinkan Dojo (Huntsville Martial Arts) was founded in 2002 by Dr. Leland Cseke (presently a 10th Dan, Shihan). Originally, the group was started as a means for Dr. Cseke to continue his own training. Eventually the group grew into a student organization known as the UAHuntsville Budo Taijutsu Club. Over the years many students have come and gone as they have began and completed their college journey. Now, although still open to students, the group is open to all members of the Huntsville, Alabama area.

Our Dojo is affiliated with the University of Michigan Bujinkan Dojo run by Shihan Michael Asuncion (15th Dan). We are also part of  the worldwide Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Dojo created by Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi and headquartered in Noda, Japan. Our Dojo provides intense and dedicated training to the students and residents of the Huntsville area. Members find it to be a fun way to release tension, grow stronger and more flexible, and promote a feeling of health and security.

On a regular basis, members will often take part in special training events held across the region. While there are several annual seminars featuring one or multiple high-ranking instructors from across the world, there are also many local seminars where students get the opportunity to spend a day or two focusing on specific skill sets. Our dojo works closely with ACT Defense in Birmingham, AL to support these events whenever possible.

Come train with us and see the difference! Ask about discounts for students, Active/Reserve Duty Military, and Law Enforcement AND a FREE intro class!