Why I train here, and why YOU should too!


Defending against a knife held against my throat.

As a sort of introductory post, I thought it might be helpful to some to share my experience here so far; how I got here, where I came from, and why I continue to train here. Maybe it will help someone. So, here goes!

When I moved to Huntsville I began looking around to see what martial arts were offered.  I had always been interested in studying martial arts, even tried a few; however, I was looking for that one art that showed me something I had never seen before, challenged me in a new way, and inspired me enough to stick with it. I came across what is now Huntsville Martial Arts (at the time UAHuntsville’s Budo Taijutsu Club) and my roommate and I decided to check it out. When we arrived at the first class we were greeted warmly. We talked with the students who were there early stretching and were told to just jump in a follow along. Easy enough, I thought! Warm-ups started and we fell in behind the rest of the class. This looks easy! Punches… kicks… rolls? Wait.. what was that move? Okay… not so easy, I guess. I could see what everyone was doing, but my body just would not do it.

After warmups, Sensei began teaching. He did a couple of techniques and we broke up in pairs to try and imitate what we had seen. “That’s cool”, I thought. Next technique, Sensei barely moves and his uke (partner) is on the ground in a flash. I. Was. Hooked. This was the coolest thing I had ever seen! How did he do that?! How can I do that?! That was a little over five years ago, and I’m still here. But why? I’ll tell you…

Of the four martial arts I’ve studied, one of the most impressive things about this one to me is its effectiveness. To some, it may not look like much. However, once you understand the mechanics, feel the effects, and realize what is truly happening, you begin to see the value. This is a true battlefield art, hardly touched by the ages. Undiluted. Powerful. Effective. Natural. We train for all scenarios and none. Unarmed, swords, sticks, ropes, knives, guns, you name it. Everything is a weapon. No fight is fair. This is how to survive, not how to win trophies. After committing to this art my once-struggling grades improved greatly. My attitude changed. I learned what real work meant; what real drive was. My focus increased, as did my level of fitness.

Do you want to gain confidence? Learn how to defend yourself, your family, your friends? Become stronger and more flexible? How about relieve some stress? Need to improve your focus? I’m sure you’ve heard that studying martial arts can help you with most of these things. Let me tell you from experience… it can, and it will. All of these things I have personally gained, in some form or another, since training here. Want to know a secret? You can too!

After my time here I have realized that my life only gets better the longer I continue to train. The other students are great. You will never find a better group of people; whether for training, or just for friends. The instructor is amazing and continues to improve year after year. Come and train with us. You won’t regret it!

Bufu Ikkan!


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